Classroom Innovation

Learning centers will have an affordable gateway to virtual reality. Okularion accommodates for any student or any institution size and creates a new environment for pupils. The educator now has the ability to bring his mind to reality. Students can all interact within the new virtual reality. Information is refined through visual learning. Studies become more entertaining. Training time can also be cut drastically. Okularion is bringing enlightenment to education once again.

Future of gaming

Kids have the wildest imagination. Tame that imagination and bring it to life with Okularion. Toy cars become real cars they see and interact with. Pictures aren't just a piece of paper. They are alive! Okularion automatically detects and extracts an image bringing it closer to reality. Most Gaming systems have a steep price and require strong computational power. Okularion can be hooked up to your Home PC and allows for kids to dive into the world they've imagined!

Exciting Buyer Experience

Dealership experiences have become a hassle. Fewer and fewer consumers want to visit a showroom nowadays. Virtual reality will attract consumers once again and allow for a hassle-free experience. Seamlessly show consumers the latest and greatest while sitting down. Okularion will show breataking visuals, Resembling colors closely. Markets need innovation to raise the declining the walk-in consumer rate. Okularion will be the future of retail advertisement.