A New Era of Virtual Technology

Okularion is unlike anything you've experienced before. You can transform a simple box to a vivid 3D world in which you can interact with. You can engage in fun learning activities like never before. Okularion is the gateway to affordable  Virtual reality

Redefine Virtual Reality

Virtual reality has been a dream since you were a kid. To create worlds unimaginable and to be able to indulge in any dream you can think of. Okularion was designed from the ground up to feel comfortable, to be easy to get lost in a new reality, and to be attainable. That dream has arrived. You will soon be able create those worlds and interact with your vivid dreams. Get a sneak pick below of some of Okularion's experiences.

To educate means to explain what you already understand and imagine. With Okularion, you will able to immerse your students in the mind of the educator. Pupils will have the eyes of the professor. They will see, hear and interact with the subject like never before.

The benefits of Okularion in a educational environment are outstanding. Okularion being so attainable by any size of institution creates a new door for learning. A drawback of other virtual reality headset is the requirements to be able to run the platform. Okularion can be run on any home desktop or school desktop.


Any item you desire to buy, you must first imagine yourself with the item. Take a new car you desire to buy but, the dealership does not stock the color you desire. Imagine being able to bring that desired specification right into your eyes. See the perfect color combination before taking any important decision on such a big investment in your life.

Retail markets pride on showing off their latest items. Retailers can now indulge their customers virtually with Okularion. Advertisement cost can be cut significantly by allowing customers to see the item in their own living room. Okularion is offered in two models, one model allowing for higher resolution images will further improve the experience to the consumer.


Developers First

When we created the platform for Okularion. We had one goal in mind. Lightweight. We needed a process that can be executed on any desktop. Your average Home PC can be used to run Okularion. We worked with a team of developers who brought their experience of easy to use and efficient platforms. Okularion will allow for developers to engage and share any applications they create. A community with a vision for a new reality.

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Tracking Area







110 Degrees


2.2 Ghz Processor




Tracking Area







145 Degrees


3.0 Ghz Processor

All Real Okularion

Take the Okularion challenge! Get a set and see if you can tell the difference between reality and the Okularion reality! We are working hard to have Okularion shipping soon to a nearby institution or retail center. Our effort will be shown once you test a Okularion headset yourself. Hold on to your headset when you dive into the new virtual reality. Learn new ways to engage in a classroom. Take an afternoon off and enjoy intense games that will have you on the edge of your seat! And finally place that new vase you wanted in your living room with the All Real Okularion Headst!




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